Fold up Treadmill Buying Guide

Fold up Treadmill Buying Guide

So, you decided to buy a fold up treadmill. By now you know that a good-quality folding treadmill can be as effective as the old-school, motorized treadmills you see in commercial gyms.

But before you shop for the first foldable treadmill you see, here are several things you should look out for:

Space Availability: Will the Treadmill Fit Your Space?

Whether you’re buying the treadmill for a home, the office, or a commercial space, check the measurements of both the machine and your available area.

Yes, fold-up treadmills are space-savers, but getting exact measurements will prevent refunds, returns, or any other hassle after purchase.

Treadmill Design

In the past, only a handful of treadmill brands existed. Today, dozens of companies manufacture treadmills in different designs, technology, and capability. When shopping for a fold-up treadmill, you’ll be faced with the three most common types:

  • Under-desk treadmill – Placed under an adjustable office table, an under-desk treadmill is ideal for people who want to multitask (exercising while working) and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Bench treadmill – When you fold this kind of treadmill, it turns into a workout bench that you can use for bench presses, preacher curls, inverted chest rows, and other workout benches.
  • Mini folding treadmill –These “mini” treadmills are smaller in size, narrower, or sometimes designed with thinner frames than the standard foldable treadmills.

Note that aside from the three above, other treadmill designs exist.

Speed and Incline Settings

Not all treadmills are built equally. It would be best if you bought a treadmill that can run with your skills.

Many fold-up treadmills can only run for 3 to 4 mph, but some are specifically designed for higher speeds. This is important, especially for advanced runners. If you're already running a five-minute mile, you wouldn’t want to invest in a treadmill that can only go for 3mph.

Not all folding treadmills come with an incline option. If you’re looking for a machine that could grow with your running skills, look for a treadmill that can increase incline (up to 10 or 20%) if you want to.

Weight Capacity and Treadmill Stability

Note that heavier users are bound to wear treadmills more quicker. If you weigh on the heavier side, be aware of two things:

  • Fold-up treadmills have user weight limits (usually between 200 to 300 pounds), but you need to double-check this number with the store.
  • Stability is also an important factor since the frame of foldable treadmills is often flimsier than its bulkier counterparts.

If possible, test the machine in person before purchasing a treadmill. There is no other accurate way to determine a treadmill’s stability than to go to the store and do a quick test.

Cost and Warranty

The price tag of fold-up treadmills ranges from $500 to $2000, depending on brand and features. Know what features you want to include on your treadmill and set a price on how much you’re willing to spend.

Whichever you decide, make sure the treadmill has a warranty. You wouldn’t want to churn out several hundred dollars only to get a dud machine after a few weeks, right?

The Best Fold Up Treadmill

You shouldn’t just look at the newest or most expensive folding treadmills when shopping for one. The best folding treadmill is supposed to cater to your budget, weight, preference, and running experience.