How to Properly Remove 18-inch Hair Extensions Without Damaging Your Hair

How to Properly Remove 18-inch Hair Extensions Without Damaging Your Hair

A very good way of increasing the length and volume of your hair is the installation of hair extensions, but if it is not done properly, they can also be the reason for hair damage. The process of removal is the final part of the hair extension procedure and if you have been having a good time with the extensions and it's now time to remove them, then, these are the steps you need to follow to ensure that the removal is safe and gentle as you do not want your natural hair to be damaged in the process. If you want to buy hair extensions, click here for more styles and options.

Prepare Your Tools

Before you begin, gather all the tools you'll need: a tail comb, hair clips, a mirror, a soft hair extension solution (if necessary), and a friend who can help to the extent possible. You will be better prepared and ready in advance to make the process quicker.

Detangle Your Hair

Start by first managing to get the last bits of hair from the ends to the roots. Your wide-tooth comb and detangling brush with particularly designed teeth will serve you well in dragging your hair without pulling and hence potential breakage.

Section Your Hair

Split your hair into a desired section with the help of hair clips. Thus, they can prevent the area from getting into the mess and at the same time will not be bothered by the surrounding hair.

Locate the Bonds

Take special care in each case of the extension bolt and their respective attachment locations. Different types of extensions have various bonding methods: glue, tape, or other materials.

Using Hair Removal Solution

While you're using a solution to remove hair extensions, make sure you take the manufacturer's instructions into account to the point. Here is the solution, apply it to the sticky area and let it work for the specified time, to unstick the glue.

Preserve a Lifetime of Freedom

Through a tail comb, for example, you will be able to unfasten the attachment from your natural hair, away from the bond's secure position. Hair tugs and pulls are the last thing to be done because they create breakage.

Remove Any Residue

Next, remove all the strands and then apply the solution to remove residue or oil in case any glue is left behind. This reminds you that you can avoid the hair from getting tangled while you can detangle it easily in the future.

Clean and Maintain Your Hair

Last but not least, rinse and detangle your hair, and make sure you are left without any residue, and the moisture is back. Go for a gentle shampoo and a hydrating conditioner to protect your hair from the negative impacts of the chemical agents.

Tenderize your Hair

Though you feel your hair moving during the hair removal process, always treat your hair gently. Try to avoid the use of force, pulling, and tugging, since this may lead to breakages and breakdown of hair strands. If you are having any issues, please reach out to a professional.


With these steps, you can protect your healthy hair from any damage when you take off your 18-inch hair extensions from your hair. If taken care of well, you can be confident to show off hair that still looks dazzling and is healthy even without the extensions.