In-depth Comparison Between Vape Kits or Disposable Vapes

In-depth Comparison Between Vape Kits or Disposable Vapes

These two vaping devices are most commonly mistaken for one another, providing confusion among vapers, especially newbies. In this read, an in-depth explanation and comparison between the two will be provided. Expect clarity distinguishing one from another vape device after this.

What is a Disposable Vape?

Starting with the most straightforward one is what is a disposable vape. A disposable vape is a device meant for a single cycle, not a single use. The number of puffs is indicated on this kind of vaping device as a target or indicator of how much e-liquid it contains inside, thus having a number on its limit of use. A disposable vape is an all-in-one user-friendly vaping device with the unbeatable convenience of use. Among all the vaping devices available, disposable vapes are the most favored to cater to people who have just started their vaping journey. Since a disposable vape doesn’t come with moving and interchangeable parts, exceptional knowledge and experience are not required to use this kind of vaping device. Using a disposable vape provides such ease and doesn’t come too far away from the experience of smoking a cigarette, but vaping is 95% better than smoking. It is the number one vape device to use when shifting from smoking to vaping for the first time without being “culture-shocked” by this alternative.

Vape Kits: An in-depth Explanation of this Vaping Device

A real vape kit must come in a “kit” to be called one. Any vaping device with different movable and interchangeable parts straight from the box is considered a vape kit. For example, a box mod alone is just a vaping device and cannot be called a vape kit. However, when a box mod comes with an atomizer, replacement coil/s, tools, and sometimes interchangeable tank capacity in one box when purchased is considered a vape kit. Disposable components of a vaping device, such as replacement coils and wicking cotton, are mostly not included in a vaping kit but are still considered as one. Primary extra components for a vaping device to work and be maintained, like the atomizer, tools, spare rubber seals, atomizer screws, and atomizer glass, are the things to be expected on a box vaping kit. But due to the continued success of vaping as a better alternative to smoking, innovations are made in the so-called vape kits. That is why disposable vape kits are now available in the vaping market. The disposable vape kits and disposable vapes may seem too similar at first glance, but there’s a considerable difference between these two. A disposable vape, as mentioned above, only comes in a single device meant to be disposed of as a whole once depleted.

In contrast, a disposable vape kit comes with its primary device that can be used almost indefinitely and is always rechargeable. The disposable part only comes on its cartridge, whereas the e-liquid comes pre-filled. Once the e-liquid is depleted, the only thing that needs changing is the e-liquid cartridge, not the whole device itself, making a disposable vape kit more efficient in the long run than a regular disposable vape but is more expensive upfront.


For a person who just started vaping or planning to start a better alternative to smoking through vaping, disposable vapes are the best to recommend. Using a disposable vape requires no technical skills, and no maintenance is needed, only proper handling. It is also cost-efficient as starting new vaping will require testing suitable e-liquid flavors and nic levels depending on personal preference. This is a phase in a vaping journey that is very easy to deal with disposable vapes variety and options available without breaking the bank. The disposable vape kits are much preferred to those vapers who have several vaping experiences to level up the efficiency of their vaping—providing an always-on-the-go and convenient way of vaping while eliminating the need to carry a bottle of e-liquid or a bulky tank atomizer.